6 Month Industrial Training in Chandigarh Plays A Pivotal Role in the life of a student



Industrial training is of immense importance as it bolsters the student to make some professional inroads in his career. In the process of industrial training, a student can get a platform to develop some talents and learn to do well by knowing the tricks of the business.

When a student gets to know the potential of how the industry functions, he gets to know the skill set that may prove to be beneficial in a big way. It is the complete development given to the students so that they can improve upon their talents and skills to a greater extent and get a nice experience prior to a beginning of their career.

One nice benefit that a student gets from the industrial training is that during the training period they will be aware regarding different business operations and also the administrative processes. In training, all the business techniques are given to the student. They are provided a chance to work with some of the leading businesses.

There are many benefits such as getting familiar with the organization and to get acquainted with the different business operations. They can gain immense technical awareness from the system.

Training assists one to develop communication skills and also leadership qualities. It enhances the capabilities of the team and also the individual. A student can become an expert during the end of the training. An individual can develop an attitude within himself by focusing on the development.

He can handle any type of issue that he can confront in the process of development. The curriculum is made in such a way that it actually supports the increase in awareness among the trainers.

During the six months of an industrial training in Chandigarh there is a great focus on developing the skill of an individual so that he can get nice working skills and behavior. It trains the students to work in the atmosphere where they can cope up with a great deal of pressure and also accomplish targets and objectives that are provided to them prior to the deadline.

There are some significant aspects of this industrial training program. The course is made highly productive in every possible way. It is made in such a way that it gives the students a platform so that they can fulfill their objectives.

Training is a precious source of guidance that enhances the student’s growth. It is vital on the part of the students that they opt for the correct training institute. Some research would prove to be beneficial in achieving the objectives. This may be done by searching different resources that are accessible online. You have to check the quality and make sure you join the correct place.

The hospitality business is a workplace that has got a big staff turnover. The hospitality jobs are immensely famous with the students. The important aspect is to have a system in place that needs least amount of training of their staff.


Looking for 6 Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh


It’s every student’s dream to have a bright future. Industrial training is one such medium that helps students in getting closer to their dreams. By getting trained in their respective fields, students find themselves stacked with the required knowledge and skills. To get yourself industrially trained, join Apptunix – A leading mobile & web designing and development industrial training providers.

Apptunix offers insightful training in ios app development, android app development, web designing, web development and digital marketing. When you step out of apptunix, you will see yourself as experts.

If you are searching for 6 Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh, then you’ve come to the right place. Industrial Training has been and will always be a very important factor to polish your skills and is one such platform that gives you the confidence that is called for. A good Industrial Training Institute is going to make you ‘job ready’ by providing overall professional grooming.

Our 6 Months Industrial Training Program has helped and encouraged many young aspirants to find ultimate career options for them. Our comprehensive training methodology offers our students in depth knowledge and understanding, which other training institutes fail to give. Enroll yourself in our insightful training courses and see the difference for yourself.

Six Months Industrial Training In Chandigarh

Six Months Industrial Training is the most important element of student’s life as they get a chance to learn and use new technologies. Everyone requires practical training because they get less or we can say only theoretical knowledge in university. Industrial training provides the students he real environment so that they can work professionally. Students get to know the value of professionalism as it helps in increasing the confidence according to the work culture, with confidence their communication skills, leadership skills are also enhanced. These key skills are very useful for applying job in a company.

So it is beneficial to get 6 months training for all engineering students for their future benefits. Apptunix conducts six months project based training for students who are in:






M.Sc (CS/IT).


Our Six months Industrial training program designed in such a way that it covers Training & work on the live project.

  • Our very first step, includes that advance and basics of all the latest technologies.
  • Second step is Modules that includes the project assignments which is given to the students after they are done with learning the language and database.
  • The project assignments are given to the students to check with their knowledge and how they are performing.
  • After every assignment, students are given test series also, to improve their knowledge.

Industrial training helps the students to work independently on the live projects. We at Apptunix introduce and give them a chance to work with real programming skills, testing, coding and developing their essential to work in an IT industry. As per our experience, students have to face many problems if they don’t have any industry experience. But with the help of latest technologies they are able to resolve their issues by


We have designed the program so well that students feel very comfortable while learning with us. Our experienced team trainer, have all such qualities to read the mind of the students as to how they are understanding the things. Every student has a quality and all we do is find out the best one in them. The environment of our training office is professional and corporate which help students to adopt the company environment. The main aim is to make student well verse with different platforms.

So, without wasting any time, register with us and enjoy the benefits of Six Months Industrial Training In Chandigarh  that are being provided by us to the trainees.


Six months Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Apptunix provides outstanding Six Months Industrial Training in chandigarh to IT techs. Our main sight is to safeguard uniform circulation of technical and IT grip. We are based in Mohali near Chandigarh. We offer following trainings:

  • PHP:  Apptunix, have a dedicated team of PHP developers, the faculty members are very well qualified and are always sure to deliver the latest and advance information about the course.  Other then latest updation, the team is sure that all the basics related to PHP are cleared so that the solid base is formed.
  • Web Designing and Development:  The team of web designing and web development in the Apptunix is also ready to work and clear on the doubts of the students, who are connected to the training program. Our team has a dedication to promote and participation towards the entire training batch to make sure that the entire training batch gets a chance to work on live projects that are going to be delivered to the clients.
  • Android and iOS app development including JAVA basics: Apptunix is one of the leading IT companies of this era, we do have a team of app development experts who are well versed in the developing the native as well as enterprise apps. This is the reason our experts always manage to develop flexible and user friendly apps. Students can learn the basics of app development in a very easy and formulated way. Even the compound widths are divided into small chunk for better compassionate of the entire concept.


  • Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing: Our team of special SEO and Online Marketing experts have made Industrial Training module that are related to the latest analytic changes and leading online marketing techniques. All you have to learn is about various content marketing strategies as well as social media marketing techniques.


We being an experienced service provider always make sure that terms are systematic and logical to approach. In our development center we ensure to every student that they must get a chance to learn practically as well as theoretically.

Six Months Industrial Training With Apptunix

In northern India, Chandigarh is one in every of the most important advanced cities wherever one will get many opportunities to grasp the necessities and wishes of the IT professionals. Therefore Six Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh can also lead you to heights within the IT business. There square measure many institutes and firms in Chandigarh and Mohali that square measure giving the most effective coaching programs.

Colleges and universities by taking care of wants of the IT business makes it necessary for all the candidates for obtaining acquainted with the IT business necessities. For this, they need regular 2 varieties of coaching programs for the candidates like six weeks industrial coaching or Six Months Industrial Training. Undergoing industrial coaching can create a candidate an expert and acquainted with the IT industry’s setting.

6 Months industrial coaching in Mohali will give you a free and clear setting to grasp the transparency within the ideas utilised in many programming languages and specializations still.

Apptunix is one in every of the leading IT Company in Mohali, Chandigarh and currently brings new innovations and new trends for all the candidates to be told the languages very well with a free setting.

To know a lot of concerning IT coaching programs, simply check out: Six Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh.

Why trouble with Industrial Training? Is it Extremely Important?

It is not enough to amass theoretical knowledge you want to additionally shrewdness to place it to use within thereal word. Republic of India has one among the most important manpower within the world. Indians have sturdytheoretical information and have smart command over English. Despite these blessings employ-ability in Republic of India of engineers is low. in keeping withthe National Employ-ability Report (NER) 2011, whereas Republic of Indiaproduces quite five hundred, engineers annually, solely a very small three.51 per cent area unit befittinglytrained to be directly deployed on comes. The interviewers typically hunt for 3 things- theoretical information,Industrial expertise and soft skills and tho’ most of the recently graduates have smart theoretical information they lack in industrial expertise and soft skills.

The solution for fulfillment in trade is integration of theoretical learning with industrial expertise. Studies conducted byvaried analysis teams have shown that Industrial Training augmented students’ understanding of theoreticalinformation, retention and their motivation to review. industrial coaching will give valuable work expertise by sharpening and adding to the talents you’re learning at school. Labs sessions are introduced as a part a neighborhood an area unita a district a region a locality a vicinity a section of the core curriculum however most of thelaboratory equipment’s are expensive and sophisticated to mend, thence many students work with one laboratoryinstrumentality to experiment and learn. Thus one student doesn’t get ample time and chance to explore all the aspects of the experiment. Several schools area unit operating towards providing their students tradetraining/internship as a section of their program. In schools students build merchandise with each subject they learn on a personal basis, additionally to industrial coaching. the globe Economic Forum estimates that eighty one of U.S. engineering graduates area unit forthwith employable,” whereas solely twenty fifth of Indian graduates and 100% of Chinese graduates area unit equally well ready for jobs. The distinction is that the quality of education provided. The graph below shows the amount of scholars and cash spent on education.

Practical coaching aims to elevate the students’ information and skills in an exceedingly specific profession of theirindividual fields and at an equivalent time manufacture graduates World Health Organization area unit credible,artistic and skilful so increasing their employ-ability. Here we have a tendency to list a number of the most edges of industrial training:

Helps the scholar to adapt to the dynamic trade culture: New merchandise, services, Industrial laws and laws area unit introduced daily. industrial coaching helps the scholar to raised adapt to those changes by exposing them to such dynamic setting early in their career.

It improves the soft skills of the student: Since the scholars typically ought to add a team, offer shows and createreport throughout the coaching amount it helps to boost their communication skills, management skills, written, oral and presentation skills. It additionally promotes brotherly love within the student.

Increases the chance to urge a smart an honest a decent job: Most of the employers would like somebody World Health Organization features a smart industrial exposure and knowledge within the trade over somebody World Health Organization features a good educational record. a decent hands on coaching with situation adds lots valuable to the resume.

Helps students apply their theoretical information and thence retain higher.

Teaches them a way to use theoretical information to resolve Industrial issues.

Enforces smart work ethics within the students

The expertise gained helps the scholars to understand that areas they have to concentrate on academically.

Helps them perceive the employment of theory to make reality applications.

If your academic institute doesn’t give adequate coaching, hunt for non-public freelance institutes and/ormerchandise that may assist you get the exposure. There area unit several occupation courses,situation yet as Six Months Industrial Training in chandigarh offered within the market.

How Six Months Industrial Training Is Very Important In Career

Industrial Training is very important in Career of scholars in Engineering Stream ( Either in B.tech, BE, credentialand MCA). Apptunix (Industrial coaching Chandigarh) is Providing each six weeks and 6 months Industrial coaching . Students from numerous Engineering schools and University endure coaching in Chandigarh At Apptunix (Industrial coaching Chandigarh).Candidates United Nations agency endure Industrial coaching in Chandigarh from Apptunixarea unit from ECE, EI, IT, Communications Security Establishment an and and EE. Throughout this era Students got to decide field and technology that might facilitate them notice right path for there Career and find them nice job and placement.
B.tech, B.E, Diploma, MCA Student United Nations agency approach Apptunix Six Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh endure 2 styles of coaching vi week and 6 months.
Companies that need Candidates for Placement need them to own Technical Specialization in a minimum of one latest technologies employed in market. Industrial coaching is best thanks to get skills pro re nata by these firms.
Apptunix may be a Mohali, Chandigarh primarily based company. Apptunix provides Industrial coaching and canopylarge Field of Technologies.

Industrial coaching beforehand Cisco Network style, topics like CCNA, CCNP, CCIE area unit lined here. be a part ofApptunix for Industrial coaching in Chandigarh for Cisco Education and coaching CISCO coaching Details >>

Industrial coaching In computer code Developent, Apptunix computer code Division is Developing Softwares, website, Crm, doing Seo jobs Since 2004 by the name Of Apptunix web site:http://training.apptunix.com/. Apptunix Haslarge form of Web Developers that job on numerous comes fourteen hours each day for there World wide Customers From USA, UK, Australia, Newzealand,Swiss Confederation, Norway, France etc. Our experience area unit Cake Php, Zend, CODEIGNITER, YII, PHP Frameworks, Cms like WordPress, joomla conjointly net coming up with in Html4, html5, Css and program optimisation Services. Apptunix Websolutions need large form of developers, to Conduct numerous coaching in computer code Field like Php, Cms, SEO, Java, Asp .net. Industrial Training In Software Development>>

Industrial coaching beforehand Mobile computer code Development supported Andriod Sotware Development, Apptunix develop numerous mobile computer code for Its world wide purchasers supported Android™ application Development and is additionally Providing Andriod Development coaching each for little period forty five days and three months furthermore as Six months Industrial coaching. Robot is sweet alternative for Industrial coaching in field of computer code Development. As everywhere world complete needs robot Apps beside there on-linewebsites and variety of robot Developers needed for this field area unit rare..Android Software Development Details >>

Apptunix has large education network spans everywhere geographic area, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. Our Education wing has trained students from numerous fields in CISCO, REDHAT, GOOGLE and MICROSOFT besidesnumerous technologies in embedded systems over the past 10 years. we have a tendency to were the primary to introduce CCNP, CCSP, CCVP and CCIE in north region to fulfill the present wants of our company purchasers.

Depending on Engineering Trade, personal interest, one among the subsequent possibility may be chosen for Industrial coaching. Students may be from physics, engineering, IT ( B.tech, credential or MCA)
Software Development

Six Weeks or a pair of months coaching Industrial coaching is accessible in:
Software Development : in JAVA, C Sharp, ASP .Net, robot and PHP
Network Administration : in Cisco CCNA, UNIX system & Microsoft MCITP

Six Month Industial coaching is accessible in :

PHP: Advance PHP & CMS
Digital promoting
Human Resource

Six Months Industrial Training In Chandigarh For B.Tech Students

Today, acquiring a Bachelor’s degree from associate authorised establishment is not any longer enough to ensure agratifying career. Most of the country’s employers look to hire candidates that have real active expertise in their chosen subject areas abord higher level qualifications. If you are presently planning for all times once graduation, you should bear in mind that you just ar additional possible to search out a noteworthy employment chance if you wereto require a educational program before or now once finishing your degree course.

There are a variety of corporations and establishments WHO provide comprehensive coaching programs to B. Tech students and graduates. These can be as short in period as 2 months, or as long as six months. Though there would beassociate obvious outlay committed enrolling for such a program, the return on investment will be nice, especially once considering however such action would bolster one’s job prospects.

B. Tech students ought to guarantee they have ample trade exposure in respect to code and hardware development ifthey’re to be able to handle universe comes once finishing their studies. It is all well associated good being an accomplished student, but golf shot into observe the ideas associated theories learned need an altogether completely different set of skills. This is why Industrial Training has such a lot worth.

When selecting a program, it is important to pick from people who offer steerage in respect to today’s most in-demand technologies. What subjects should best be lined would rely upon the character of the work that you justwould love to undertake once finishing your studies. Apart from a syllabus that provides a active approach to abilityacquisition, the learning environment ought to be tributary to success.

Training and steerage ought to be imparted in a team based mostly settings thus on mimic the dynamics of the work. Project development should type the core of the leaning expertise, with guidance from managers that have ampleexpertise in trade. The goal should be to build on the data already noninheritable during a academic degree andperceive precisely however this could be employed in universe applications.

Six months industrial Training In Chandigarh for B. Tech students is terribly abundant in demand. The institutes that offer the chance to reinforce one’s data during this space have fully grown in variety significantly over the previous couple of years. As when enrolling for any program, take your time to check options and don’t commit yourself unless you’re positiveit’s the correct step to require.

Benefits of Six Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh

To offer humanity with quality Six months Industrial training in Chandigarh is quite beneficial by developing career of aspiring youth and professionals for a higher future.
Located within the Chandigarh, one in every of the foremost lovely and planned town of Asian country, the traniees get great opportunities to learn from the highly experienced proffessionals.

Agencies have continuouslyarranged stress on what we have a tendency to decision stability in market in conjunction with client happiness and satisfaction. The team of the specialists offer result oriented Six months industrial training in Chandigarh.

The training corporations specialize in numbers, giving the scholars half­dozen months
Industrial coaching in Chandigarh in addition to inspiration and propulsion that allows them to carve a prosperous path for his or her future. Nurturing them with steerage throughout training period, Highly skilled proffessionals assist them outshine in their individual domains.

What the training companies would provide you?

The training companies provide skilled services and strategic coaching solutions supplier that enhances the information and sense of student’s furthermore skills. During the course period the students are provided with several solutions and methods that square measure technologically advanced, in theory ,study backed with regular workplace practices. The core service revolves around – six weeks, six months industrial training in Chandigarh.

The exhaustive expertise clubbed with quality coaching sessions that enables North American nation to deliver precisely what your demand is. Varied and committed coaching sessions provided by knowledgeable and professionals trainers develop and maintain impeccable bonds with the students. From minute changes to grand technological advancements, the training institutes ensures a tendency to imbibe altogether to deliver updated coaching sessions to our aspiring students for his or her career property.

Attaining proficiency in every coaching domain is the catchword. One should opt for a six months industrial training in chandigarh and build their career by working on the ongoing projects because they have a tendency to guarantee providing the simplest coaching sessions.

Industrial Training Chandigarh

6 Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh

PHP advancement has developed as a promising profession alternative for yearning engineers. It offers lucrative pay bundles and boundless openings for work around the
world. PHP as an innovation engages any engineer to utilize an expansive scope of PHP applications, content administration frameworks, structures and much more.At
Apptunix, we have outlined thorough PHP training in Chandigarh for 6 weeks/6 months. During preparing, the learners will be offered chance to deal with live activities
as the down to earth some portion of their preparation. Students will likewise be allowed to go to hypothetical sessions, conveyed by our accomplished proficient
developers.Our instructional class intends to make our students so all around familiar with PHP, that they could without much of a stretch secure steady employments
after the finish of preparing.

The instructional class will significantly cover:


PHP and server

JavaScript and jquerySessions and treat

MySQL (PHP and database)

System (CakePHP)

CMS (Joomla and WordPress)

Students will likewise be informed on SEO, with an end goal to instruct them on the most proficient method to make SEO agreeable sites. The best favorable position of
getting your industrial training from us is that you will be allowed to take a shot at live undertakings, experience extraordinary work culture, and get occupation

6 Months Industrial Training in Mohali