Six Months Industrial Training In Chandigarh

Six Months Industrial Training is the most important element of student’s life as they get a chance to learn and use new technologies. Everyone requires practical training because they get less or we can say only theoretical knowledge in university. Industrial training provides the students he real environment so that they can work professionally. Students get to know the value of professionalism as it helps in increasing the confidence according to the work culture, with confidence their communication skills, leadership skills are also enhanced. These key skills are very useful for applying job in a company.

So it is beneficial to get 6 months training for all engineering students for their future benefits. Apptunix conducts six months project based training for students who are in:






M.Sc (CS/IT).


Our Six months Industrial training program designed in such a way that it covers Training & work on the live project.

  • Our very first step, includes that advance and basics of all the latest technologies.
  • Second step is Modules that includes the project assignments which is given to the students after they are done with learning the language and database.
  • The project assignments are given to the students to check with their knowledge and how they are performing.
  • After every assignment, students are given test series also, to improve their knowledge.

Industrial training helps the students to work independently on the live projects. We at Apptunix introduce and give them a chance to work with real programming skills, testing, coding and developing their essential to work in an IT industry. As per our experience, students have to face many problems if they don’t have any industry experience. But with the help of latest technologies they are able to resolve their issues by


We have designed the program so well that students feel very comfortable while learning with us. Our experienced team trainer, have all such qualities to read the mind of the students as to how they are understanding the things. Every student has a quality and all we do is find out the best one in them. The environment of our training office is professional and corporate which help students to adopt the company environment. The main aim is to make student well verse with different platforms.

So, without wasting any time, register with us and enjoy the benefits of Six Months Industrial Training In Chandigarh  that are being provided by us to the trainees.



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