Six months Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Apptunix provides outstanding Six Months Industrial Training in chandigarh to IT techs. Our main sight is to safeguard uniform circulation of technical and IT grip. We are based in Mohali near Chandigarh. We offer following trainings:

  • PHP:  Apptunix, have a dedicated team of PHP developers, the faculty members are very well qualified and are always sure to deliver the latest and advance information about the course.  Other then latest updation, the team is sure that all the basics related to PHP are cleared so that the solid base is formed.
  • Web Designing and Development:  The team of web designing and web development in the Apptunix is also ready to work and clear on the doubts of the students, who are connected to the training program. Our team has a dedication to promote and participation towards the entire training batch to make sure that the entire training batch gets a chance to work on live projects that are going to be delivered to the clients.
  • Android and iOS app development including JAVA basics: Apptunix is one of the leading IT companies of this era, we do have a team of app development experts who are well versed in the developing the native as well as enterprise apps. This is the reason our experts always manage to develop flexible and user friendly apps. Students can learn the basics of app development in a very easy and formulated way. Even the compound widths are divided into small chunk for better compassionate of the entire concept.


  • Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing: Our team of special SEO and Online Marketing experts have made Industrial Training module that are related to the latest analytic changes and leading online marketing techniques. All you have to learn is about various content marketing strategies as well as social media marketing techniques.


We being an experienced service provider always make sure that terms are systematic and logical to approach. In our development center we ensure to every student that they must get a chance to learn practically as well as theoretically.


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